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Towering Titan UKs largest police horse gets respite at The Horse Trust

Gentle giant Titan, a 16-year-old Shire-cross, was granted respite at The National Horse Trust after working with the Thames Valley Police for the past nine years. Weighing in at over a tonne and standing at 18.3hh, Titan really does tower over the rest of his colleagues; both human and equine.

Titan has worked across the UK carrying out high profile police work, in areas such as Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Sussex and South Wales.

PC Tim Pollock, who has ridden and worked with Titan for the last six years, said he is one of the force's best horses. He went on to say, "Titan is one of our top horses - he is very loyal and brave in all situations, despite his large size he is remarkably agile and incredibly sure-footed. It was like he was made to be a police horse."

Titan is heading to The Horse Trust for respite as he unfortunately suffers from intermittent lameness caused by Ringbone. If his condition does not improve after six months, this big friendly giant will be given a lifetime sanctuary at the charity's sanctuary.

"I was sad to see Titan leaving to go to The Horse Trust. We've been through a lot together over the past six years and have always looked after each other," PC Pollock later told us.
Titan is the largest known police horse among the 16 police forces in the UK that have a mounted branch, and on Wednesday, he made the 35-mile journey from the Thames Valley Police stables at Witan Gate, Milton Keynes to The Horse Trust's sanctuary in Speen, Buckinghamshire.

According to Shirley Abbott, Yard Manager at The Horse Trust, the journey didn't seem to faze Titan at all. "Titan settled in straight away in a paddock reserved for him," she told us. "All the staff have already fallen in love with him as he's such a handsome and impressive chap."

Titan will remain in quarantine in his paddock for a few days, but after that he will be reunited with his former Thames Valley Police horse friends Iceni and Dexter, who retired to The Horse Trust three and five years ago, respectively.

During his time with the Force, Titan has been involved in a wide variety of police work including:
- Crowd control at the recent student tuition fees demonstrations in Wycombe and Oxford.
- Providing a police escort for HM the Queen at Royal Ascot.
- Crowd control at the Labour Party Conference and the famous and popular Gay Pride march in Brighton.
- Providing a police escort to heads of state visiting HM the Queen at Windsor Castle, including President Bush and Jacques Chirac.
- Crowd control at major football events, for example the 2004 FA cup final between Manchester United and Millwall at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

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About The Thames Valley Police Mounted Section

The Thames Valley Police Mounted Section was first established in 1985 and plays a vital role in maintaining public order and safety at demonstrations and marches. Staffed by one sergeant, eight full-time police officers and four police grooms, there are currently nine police horses in the Mounted Section. The majority of the Mounted Section's work and time is dedicated to providing high visibility patrols. The section has now been deployed in all of the main towns and cities across and surrounding the Force area, and also in many smaller towns and villages.


About The Horse Trust

The Horse Trust was founded in 1886 and is the oldest horse charity in the UK. Based at Speen, Buckinghamshire, the charity is committed to a programme of welfare, science and education and is the largest provider of grant funding for equine welfare in the United Kingdom. The Horse Trust also manages The Home of Rest for Horses which, funded solely by donations and legacies, provides lifetime sanctuary for around 100 retired working horses, ponies and donkeys from many different backgrounds around the world.

The Trust funds research into equine diseases; gives grants to help build and equip equine hospitals throughout the country and works to raise awareness of the importance of the cost, care and commitment to a responsible and caring horse ownership.

The Horse Trust depends on the support of the public to look after retired working horses such as Titan. It costs the charity an average of £10 per day to look after each horse at the sanctuary. This includes the costs of grooms, forage, farriery and veterinary care.

To donate to The Horse Trust, please visit:, or contact the charity on 01494 488 464 or

We wish Titan, as well as all the other retired working horses at The Horse Trust, all the best on the road to recovery and a kind, loving, relaxed retirement.


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