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World Horse Welfare most succesful rescue

Unusual alliance to save 100 horse and ponies

World Horse Welfare co-ordinated its biggest and most unusual project on a remote farm in Morayshire, Scotland recently. The leading international horse charity teamed up with HorseBack UK, the Royal Marines and the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies to help dozens of highland type horses.

Called in by a farmer who was worried if the feral herds got any larger and outgrew his 2,000 acres, there would be an increase in inbreeding and fighting for grazing.

The horses and ponies which had naturally separated in different herd groups were rounded up in just two days by eight World Horse Welfare, 14 Royal Marines, as well as six HorseBack UK representatives who were riding their own horses. The Royal (Dick) school of Veterinary studies vets and students were on hand to castrate the stallions, sedate for hoof trimming, worming and micro chipping along with checks for any ailments or injuries.

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Eileen Gillen who is Centre Manager at World Horse Welfare's Belwade Farm in Aboyne, Aberdeenshire co-ordinated the operation. She said "It has been a real challenge but it's been a great opportunity to work alongside the other organisations involved and help all of the horses. To leave the horses as they were would mean they would continue to breed, leading to more health

"The process has been beneficial to the farmer who had grave concerns about the future of his horses and wanted to do the right thing; it has been beneficial for us as it gave us an opportunity to take part in an exciting multi-agency operation; and more importantly it has been hugely beneficial to the horses, many of which can potentially now go on to lead really useful lives in loving homes." Said World Horse Welfare.

It is intended that the horses may be sold later in the summer; a donation from the planned sale will go towards the cost of the operation. World Horse Welfare will put details of the sale on their website when it becomes available via;


Images courtesy of World Horse Welfare.



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