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Bobby the abandoned donkey

Donkey Diaries 6 - Bobby's rescue

Bobby the abandoned donkey

Over the last week I have been speaking with our welfare officers in Northern Ireland about a donkey named Bobby who was found abandoned in a farmer's field in County Antrim.

Sadly there are quite a few donkeys being abandoned in Northern Ireland at the moment as people struggle to pay for their upkeep, but Bobby's story is quite unique.

Those involved in Bobby's rescue told me that he was quite an elderly donkey - they believed him to be in his thirties, which is pretty impressive - he was underweight and his hooves were in need of a trim. The unusual part of his story is that he had a note attached to his head collar saying that his name was Bobby. Normally when we rescue abandoned donkeys we don't know anything about them at all.


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Luckily for Bobby, the farmer who owned the field had previously kept horses, and knew enough about looking after equines to be able to care for Bobby until our welfare officers came to collect him. Under the expert care of staff from The Donkey Sanctuary he now has a roof over his head, trimmed hooves and a secure supply of food and water. He can rest safe in the knowledge that he has a sanctuary for life and need never be hungry or homeless again.

Did you know? The Donkey Sanctuary takes in an average of eight donkeys each week in the UK and Ireland.

Anyone wanting to report neglected or mistreated donkeys, or looking for free, expert advice about caring for their donkeys, can contact their local welfare officer at The Donkey Sanctuary.


Em x


For contact details, please visit www.thedonkeysanctuary.org.uk/welfareofficers.

To keep up with all our latest donkey stories, please visit www.thedonkeysanctuary.org.uk.




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