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Horse Clipping and Trimming

Clippin' Clever

Keep your horse cool and neatly turned out with our tried-and-tested clippers and trimmers

This article was first featured in our September 2011 issue of Horse&Rider magazine. Any text in italics is part of the extended reviews and did not appear in the magazine. 

Each month two tried and tested products are picked as Best Value and Best Buy. You will know which products they are when you see these rosettes.

Best In Test, Best ValueTesters

Our testers

This month, individuals at Moorcroft Racehorse Welfare Centre, West Sussex, Merrist Wood College, Surrey and Frensham Manor, Surrey, tested clippers and trimmers.


Wahl Adelar Cordless horse trimmer

Wahl Adelar Cordless horse trimmer

Quiet, compact and powerful, too.

RRP: £117.99

Tel: 01227 744339


Tester Mary Henley-Smith, Moorcroft Racehorse Welfare Centre

Pros "This trimmer was very easy to clip with and left an even finish. It was very quiet - we used it for trimming 26 horses and very few objected to it. It came with a variety of accessories in the box and they were all useful. The box itself was excellent for keeping the trimmer safe and protected. The battery lasted well and the blades were easy to change. I thought they were good value for money and I would buy them again." Cons "I wouldn't change anything about this product." Buy if... you want value-for-money trimmers that are quiet enough for use with even nervous horses.



Wahl Avalon Cordless horse clipperWahl Avalon Cordless horse clipper

Well-balanced, lightweight and quiet, this clipper operates off a powerful battery.

RRP: £239.99

Tel: 01227 744330


Tester Sarah Skultety, Merrist Wood College

Pros "Ozzie is very sensitive to clip and has to be sedated. i found that these clippers were very quiet - great for clipping nervous horses. Included in the box were a battery pack, charger, belt with holder for the clippers and room to attach the battery pack, clipper oil and blade disinfectant - all really useful. The blades were easy to clip on and off." Cons "The clippers are small, so it took a long time to do a whole horse." Buy if... you want to clip smaller areas on a nervous horse.


Roma Cordless Trimmer with carry bagRoma Cordless Trimmer with carry bag

Ideal for light trimming or touch-ups, this trimmer can be Best Value clippers 2011charged or used directly from the mains.

RRP: £47.99

Available from leading saddlery stores

Tester Sarah Skultety, Merrist Wood College

Pros "These trimmers seemed sturdy and were a good size. They clipped evenly and had three different settings for closeness of clip, which I thought was great! The items in the handy carry case include oil and a set of blade guards to trim, for example, feathers. I think they are good value for money and I would buy them again. I think they would be particularly good for nervous types." Cons "For small trimmers, I would say that they were a little bit noisy." Buy if... you want good value, robust trimmers for heads and legs.


Lister Liberty clipper and Libretto trimmerLister Liberty clipper and Libretto trimmer

Available in a deluxe pack of clipper and trimmer, or available to buy separately.

Liberty RRP: £393

Libretto RRP: £102

Tel: 01453 544830

Tester Nicky Moffatt, Frensham Manor

Pros "These clippers are absolutely amazing! Not only are they lightweight and so incredibly easy to clip with, but they come with a battery pack which fastens around your waist - no wires to worry about. I love the fact that both the clipper and trimmer were lilac in colour as well, much more exciting than the usual cream, brown or black we were all used to for so many years. I found them so easy to clip with that I had no tram lines and, in fact, my lines were straighter than ever before. And Lister has really thought about everything - there is everything you need in one neat box!" Cons "None." Buy if... you want a comprehensive clipping set to suit all your needs.

Lister Legend clipper

Lister Legend clipper

For fast, professional clipping, this clipper contains the most Best in Test Clippers 2011powerful motor in the Lister range.

RRP: £320

Tel: 01453 544830

Tester Mary Henley-Smith, Moorcroft Racehorse Welfare Centre

Pros "I loved these clippers - they were easy to clip with and left a very even finish. Also, they are lighter than some clippers I've used in the past - very welcome when you are clipping four horses a day! They didn't overheat or become hot to handle like a lot of clippers do. The blades lasted longer than average, so the motor must be efficient, and the grip doesnt tire your hand either. I would buy these again - I have been clipping for 30 years and I haven't found the perfect clippers, but these come pretty close." Cons "I couldn't find anything wrong with this product." Buy if... you are searching for clippers suitable for daily use on a large yard.



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