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Is the credit crunch affecting your ability to keep up with your training?

H&R have found a great affordable solution to beat the crunch

Imagine if you could have a lesson with a top trainer every day, now you can. offer lessons of over 20 minutes for as little as £4.99 in a downloadable format. So put simply, you download a lesson to your MP3 player and rehearse the techniques prior to, after or during your training session.
There are currently ten lessons available on the Sound Schooling website. They cover a variety of topics, from warm up through to understanding and developing the shoulder-in.

"Our downloadable lessons can help riders who find it difficult to think up ideas, want to learn or practice new movements, or simply want to have an expert voice in their ear to add some variety, structure and discipline into their schooling sessions" says Rona Willicott from Sound Schooling.

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"Our first lesson is a basic warm-up, which lasts just over 23 minutes, and then we cover subjects from basic schooling patterns through to more advanced work. The lessons can be used again and again, and are easy to download onto an MP3 player, that you can use when riding. The lessons can also be used together, in a different order, so one day you might be looking to do more work on transitions and leg-yielding, and the next, developing suppleness and impulsion."

All lessons currently available from Sound Schooling are taught by List 1 dressage judge and BD dressage trainer, Kim Ratcliffe.

For more information visit

We suggest that you school with earphones in when the school is quiet and it is safe to do so.

In our February 2012 issue of Horse&Rider we explore, and try and test a schooling iPhone app.

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