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Overweight horse

Is my horse overweight?

Dengie Horse Feeds has discovered that many owners are unable to identify whether their horse is overweight.

The online poll on their website revealed that...

  • 81% knew how to tell whether their horse is overweight.
  • 10% didn't know how to tell.
  • 9% weren't sure.

This shows that nearly 20% of horse owners might not be able to tell if their horse is carrying too much weight.

Dengie has also carried out yard clinics, and their findings have showed that...

  • More than 20% of owners didn't realise their horse was overweight.
  • Perception of normal weight has changed and what's considered normal is now larger than it was 20 or 30 years ago.
  • Bigger is often regarded as better in the show ring and dressage arena.
  • Fat on topline is sometimes mistaken for muscle tone.

Dengie offers a free yard clinic service to help owners ensure their horses are healthy and not fat, and the nutrition team will bring along a weighbridge and offer advice on how to condition score. If you'd like to arrange a clinic for a minimum of 10 horses, call 0845 345 5115.

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