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Jorja and Jigsaw star in Jorja's journal

Jorja's journal

Jorja and Molly are joined by a mystery rider. Who could it be?

Jiggy felt my mood and flew over everything – we galloped through the finish with a clear round! My team went wild, and I almost patted a hole in my pony!

What competition is Jorja competing in? Who else is in Jorja's team?


Jorja and the High Stakes HorseJorja, Jigsaw and the gang at Marsh Farm

Jorja is PONY's resident columnist, writing her journal every month about her pony Jigsaw, her cute piebald pony, and her friends, Matt and Molly. They all keep their ponies at Marsh Farm, a riding school run by the rather scary Connie.

Horsey pals

Matt's pony CP is a chestnut cob and Molly (who is totally particular about turnout!) has Star, a bay gelding. Matt and Molly don't get on too well, especially as Matt isn't as keen on keeping CP as well groomed as Star.

Matt is sometimes going out with the glamorous Angelina - who despite not owning her own pony rides really well. And sometimes he isn't.

Devon, who tends to be bit superior, also keeps her dressage pony Raven at Marsh Farm.

The gang gets up to all kinds of adventures together - and Jorja has written a full-length adventure about everyone in her first book - Jorja and the High Stakes Horse.

Catch up with Jorja and her horsey friends every month - only in PONY Magazine!


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