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How to calm a spooky showjumper with Daniel Moseley

Does your horse tend to see monsters rather than strides? Daniel Moseley helps you teach him to be focused and unflappable Read Article

Dressage test problem-buster with Sandy Phillips

Scores not up to scratch? Dressage coach and FEI judge Sandy Phillips shares her competition pet peeves and explains how to get back on track Read Article

Transform your flatwork with Carl Hester

Carl Hester shows you how to step up your horse’s training and add sparkle in the ring Read Article

Stride guide

Do you ever feel a little unsure when you’re trying to work out distances between your poles? Follow Horse&Rider’s guide to help you get started Read Article

Tina Fletcher’s top jumping tips

If the exercises in last month’s feature inspired you to up your jumping game, why not have a go at a few more of showjumper Tina Fletcher’s favourites? Read Article

Five simple steps to improve your horse’s jump

Starting your horse’s jumping career can feel like a big responsibility. International showjumper Daniel Meech shares his straightforward exercises for success Read Article

Create a confident horse with Lucinda Fredericks

Ride like the professionals and use your time outside the arena to build a confident horse, develop your partnership with your horse and boldly go hacking with Olympic eventer Lucinda Fredericksf Read Article

Hack like a professional with Lucinda Fredericks

Even professional riders use time outside the arena to improve their horse’s way of going. Olympic eventer, Lucinda Fredericks, shares her tips for motivating a laid-back type Read Article

Next-level hacking

It can be all too easy to relax and forget to make the most of your hack. Horse&Rider explores ways to get maximum benefit from every ride Read Article

Make your horse easy to handle with Warwick Schiller

Your horse’s extremities – his legs, ears and nose – are very sensitive. Warwick Schiller explains how to handle them safely Read Article

Feel confident with any horse

It’s that time of year when, because of the short daylight hours and waterlogged fields, many horses are spending much more time in their stables. Read Article

Put the fun back into hacking With Michael Peace

“Hacking problems can include anything from spooking or bucking to refusing to leave the yard” says Michael in his latest ... Read Article

Warm-ups for horse riders

Becoming fitter for riding can seem like a mammoth task, but it doesn’t have to be. By following a few simple guidelines you can get riding fit in only 30 minutes a day. Read Article

Simple exercises for a strong back

Ever felt like you've been carrying your horse? Matt Dean outlines some simple exercises to avoid riding-related back pain Read Article

Exercises and stretches especially for horse riders

Getting fitter and healthier so you can ride may seem like a challenge but if you follow these workout and stretching tips you can get fit in only 30 minutes a day. Read Article

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