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Get the perfect position

Riding through winter doesn’t need to be a chore. Dan Greenwood explains how to make the most of winter training to prepare yourself and your horse for the competition season ahead Read Article

Thirty-minute winter flatwork

Sometimes planning and executing an effective schooling session can feel like a mission, especially when you’re pushed for time. To help you out, Horse&Rider has designed some great 30-minute schooling plans Read Article

Creating a supple horse

There are many reasons why your horse might lack suppleness and it can really affect how he feels to ride. Dressage rider Gareth Hughes explains how to get your horse bending beautifully Read Article

Improve your horse’s jump

Badminton winner Sam Griffiths shares his tips for jumping success Read Article

Sam Griffith’s three easy steps to jumping clear

Badminton winner Sam Griffiths explains how to develop balance and straightness when jumping Read Article

Getting the most out of your gridwork

Jumping a grid is a great way to improve your horse’s rhythm, balance and confidence. Pippa Funnell explains how Read Article

Take your hacking to the next level

Take your training out of the arena with event rider Coral Keen’s simple hacking exercises Read Article

Hacking hang-ups

A hack may seem like the ideal way to spend time with your horse, but confidence issues can soon put a stop to that. H&R has some simple solutions to help you enjoy hacking again Read Article

Training up hill with Richard Davison

Medium and extended trot both have to be mastered if you want to go up the levels in dressage. And ... Read Article

Put the fun back into hacking With Michael Peace

“Hacking problems can include anything from spooking or bucking to refusing to leave the yard” says Michael in his latest ... Read Article

My horse has no manners, how can I get him to respect me?

Q: I’m loaning a mare who has no manners! When I lead her, she’ll pull me over and when I ride her on her own or lunge her, that causes problems, too. So now she’s making me worried and I’m not sure what to do to keep her fit. Any ideas? Read Article

The secrets to improving your bond with your horse

Free rider Emma Massingale shares some of her secrets and explains how to improve the special bond you have with your horse and which horses might match you best. Read Article

Warm-ups for horse riders

Becoming fitter for riding can seem like a mammoth task, but it doesn’t have to be. By following a few simple guidelines you can get riding fit in only 30 minutes a day. Read Article

Simple exercises for a strong back

Ever felt like you've been carrying your horse? Matt Dean outlines some simple exercises to avoid riding-related back pain Read Article

Exercises and stretches especially for horse riders

Getting fitter and healthier so you can ride may seem like a challenge but if you follow these workout and stretching tips you can get fit in only 30 minutes a day. Read Article

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