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A Fashionable Winter Wardrobe

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Wrap up warm this autumn with some great advice and fashion tips from Team EquestrianClearance.com rider Harriet Morris-Baumber.

It won’t be long before the colder weather starts to bite and fingers and toes need a bit of extra wrapping up – so why not be organised and get thinking about those few clothing essentials that will help you get through the autumn.

I tend to find layering up is the best way. It allows you to be flexible in cases where the weather is variable and two thin layers can be warmer yet lighter than one thick layer as the air trapped between layers serves as thermal insulation.

With rider fashion ever changing following in the footsteps of the high street fashion there are plenty of great items that are practical yet also stylish. Look out for key autumnal colours crossing over from the high street.

Mixing and matching key items can make for a totally different look and have your friends thinking you have an extensive wardrobe to choose from!

A couple of new items can really help you freshen up your wardrobe without breaking the bank. Again try and tie new clothing in with your current styles to make the most of your spend.

If you want to look warm and snugly this winter you can’t beat a fleece for that soft to the touch feel. It is worth looking at the fabric before you make your new purchases as everyone has their favourites!


Must-haves for autumn:

• A couple of pairs of thick warm gloves for pottering about the yard and an extra pair in case they get wet as well as gloves for riding in. I hate having wet gloves!

• A good waterproof jacket suitable for even the worst of weathers.

• A pair of lined boots or wellies with a good tread on them, ideal for icy and wet weather conditions, especially when you have to trek down the field after the horse.

• Don’t forget thermal socks!

• A hat and scarf to keep the ears and neck warm. I have found a snood pretty useful for riding in; I can pull it up around my ears and you don’t have any flapping bits that need tucking in.

• Thermal jodhpurs are a great addition to the wardrobe too, keeping your legs warm whilst riding and also suitable for layering up.

• Finally I definitely couldn’t be without a pair of waterproof trousers or chaps. What with the British weather these are handy all year round!

For further information visit www.equestrianclearance.com

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