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Are you looking to share your horse?

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Do you have any experiences of sharing that you think other readers will need to know?

From page 100 to 104 of the December 2012 issue of Horse&Rider we delve into sharing your horse and the best approach to take. Can you share with us any of your experiences? Use the simple comment box at the bottom of this article.

Loan agreements

There are some good examples of loan agreements on the internet. Remember only use these for guidance only, unless you have express permission of the owner.



Further top tips

Now you’ve read our two part special on loaning and sharing, where else can you get top tips?



Finding a sharer

There are many places to find a horse to share, if you owned a horse and needed help where would you advertise? Use specialist sites dedicated to sharing, also think about your journey time and the locality of the horse – with this in mind maybe putting adverts in local shops, pet shops and supermarket baords might be a good start.




or try putting an advert on horseandrideruk.com’s horses for sale section.

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