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Are you prepared to see the vet?

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Sometimes a veterinary visit can be a stressful affair, but we have 15 top tips to help things go smoothly…

1  Make a list of questions that you’d like to ask so that you don’t forget them when the vet is there.

2  Get your horse used to being handled all over and from both sides.

If you are upset, it’s a good idea to have a friend with you who knows your horse well – perhaps a fellow livery. They can provide you with support, ask questions for you and handle your horse if you feel unable to.

When you’re holding your horse for the vet, always stand on the same side as your vet, unless your vet tells you otherwise.

5 Be honest about your horse’s behaviour and, if necessary, warn your vet before he handles him!

6 Make sure there is a clean, light area free from hazards for your vet to examine your horse.

7 Ensure that your horse is happy to be handled by strangers.

If you think your horse might be fresh or difficult to handle, have a bridle ready.

9 Make a note of any relevant history and exactly what has happened to your horse. The more information you can provide the better.

10  Your vet may accidentally slip into ‘vet speak’, so if he says anything you don’t understand, don’t be afraid to ask him to explain it to you.

11  If, after your vet has gone, you think of an important question or you need clarification on anything, don’t be afraid to phone and ask. Waiting horse

13  Ensure that your horse has been brought in from the field and is clean, ready for your vet to examine him. If it will keep him settled, bring a companion in, too.

14  Get anything that you think your vet might need ready, such as a lunge line or warm water.

15  Ensure you book in everything you want the vet to do when you arrange your appointment and don’t spring any surprises on him. Your vet’s day is tightly scheduled!

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