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Sprenger’s UK bitting expert, Lindsay Middleton, discusses some more common bitting problems…


Sprenger is a world leader in bit design and production. Its commitment to product development and standards in quality makes it the bit of choice for leading riders, including Charlotte Dujardin OBE, Carl Hester MBE, Laura Tomlinson and the Eilbergs.

Sprenger’s UK bitting expert, Lindsay Middleton, discusses some common bitting problems…

How do I know if the bit fits properly?

Every bit should be sized and fitted according to the shape of your horse’s mouth, as well as to his characteristic needs.

There are two things to consider for choosing the correct bit size…

  • Width A loose ring snaffle shouldn’t leave more than half a cm space between the corners of your horse’s mouth and the bit ring on each side. A bit with fixed cheek pieces should fit more snugly, but it’s important that you don’t pinch the corners of your horse’s mouth.
  • Thickness The thickness of a bit depends on your horse’s oral cavity, which you can find this out with the two-finger test. Put your index and middle finger together and insert them in your horse’s mouth at the point where the bit usually lies. A small gap between the upper and lower jawbone will exert pressure on both fingers and will require a thinner mouthpiece (14–16mm) to fit comfortably. If you feel only little or no pressure on your fingers, there’s space for a thicker mouthpiece (16–18mm). Using a bit that’s too thick will exert pressure on his sensitive palate and cause bruises and injuries. Your horse might react with head tossing, gaping his mouth or jerking on the reins.

Choosing a bit, choose Sprenger

Sprenger offers a wide range of bits, easily recognised by the black ring marking at the cheeks and the white gold colour mouthpieces. What’s unique about its bits is the use of a special material called Sensogan for the mouthpieces. Thanks to the unique combination of copper, manganese (used to prevent muscle tension and support stress reduction) and zinc, the mouthpiece is less likely to tarnish and helps encourage salivation so you have a better connection to your horse.

For more information visit zebraproducts.co.uk/Brands/sprenger

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