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Download your showing checklist

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Off to a show with your horse? Don’t start packing without our showing checklist, to make sure you’ve got everything you’ll need!

Whether you’re competing at your first show or you’re a regular on the show circuit, being prepared is not only essential for performing well but also ensuring your day runs smoothly.

Here are some important points to start considering up to four weeks before the big day:

  • Assess your horse’s fitness and devise a fitness programme accordingly.
  • Have you learnt your test, course or showing routine?
  • Health matters – is your horse is good enough shape for a competition?
  • Look at your feeding regime – his energy requirements may need supplementing if you’re increasing his workload.
  • Think about farrier/dentist/saddle/physio appointments and when you’ll need to schedule them before the show.
  • Is your tack in good working order?
  • Give your lorry or trailer the once-over and make sure MOT/tax/insurance is all up to date. 

Get packing!

Packing for the big day is all-important – you don’t want to forget anything that could potentially put to waste weeks of hard preparation. We’ve devised a handy showing checklist for you to download and print off, so you can tick off everything you’ll need for both you and your horse on the day of the show.

Download your showing checklist


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