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Get your horse fit for competition

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Eventer Ruth Edge offers her five top tips for getting your horse fit, avoiding injury and making sure you both enjoy a great competition season this summer

TIP 1 “At the lower levels of eventing, the sort of fast work used for the higher levels isn’t really necessary.”

TIP 2 “To be fit enough to compete at the early spring events, your horse needs to be in full work. This means riding him five or six times a week, including plenty of hacking and roadwork – this will achieve a basic level of fitness.”

TIP 3 “Regular schooling and jumping is essential, so that everything is going well at home and you both feel confident before you venture out to an event.”

TIP 4 “If you’ve done quite a bit of cross country in the past, a couple of schooling outings should be enough to get you back in the swing of it all.”

TIP 5 “If you’re a newcomer to eventing, it’s worth investing in some cross-country schooling sessions with a trainer, before you add in the pressures of a competition.”

Food for thought

Ruth enjoys support from Equine Products UK, whose nutritional experts provide advice to ensure her horses receive all the nutritional support they need to stay fit throughout a busy season. She uses a number of products routinely for all the horses, including a joint supplement, a vitamin and mineral supplement, and electrolytes to balance hydration levels.

“All are fundamental to both performance and general wellbeing,” she explains.

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