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Look after your veteran this winter

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Allen & Page provides five top tips for keeping veterans healthy.

Top Tips for Healthy Veterans

1. Weigh and body condition score your veteran on a regular basis. The condition of horses not worked, heavily rugged or carrying a thick woolly coat can often go unnoticed – regular checks will help you to spot any changes before they become a health concern.

2. Ensure your veteran is eating enough fibre. Providing good levels of fibre in the diet will help your horse to maintain good digestive function and also supply a source of internal heat.

3. Have your veteran’s teeth checked by a vet or qualified equine dental technician. As horses age their teeth can become loose and worn, making it more difficult for them to chew. Regular dental checks will help to keep teeth healthy and for those who struggle to chew, feeding soft leafy forages and soaked feeds, (or hay replacers if needed) will help to ensure they are getting all the nutrients they need.

4. Keep your veteran warm. Provide good shelter and rugs if needed. A high fibre diet is also important as fibre digestion produces heat which helps to keep the horse warm. As a winter treat, why not try feeding soaked feeds with warm water.

5. Provide turnout and/or exercise where possible. Gentle exercise and or turnout can help to relieve stiff joints, however, extra time will need to be given for warming up and cooling down.

Veteran Vitality is part of the popular Barley & Molasses Free Range and is ideal for older horses and ponies at rest or in light to medium work.

  • Highly palatable and easy to chew for horses and ponies with worn or missing teeth
  • Quick soak – soaks in under 3 minutes
  • High in fibre with a good calorie level to help maintain weight
  • Balanced with vitamins and minerals
  • Contains Ceregest GLC 1, a unique pre and probiotic blend for Gut Loving Care

The Barley & Molasses Free Range offers a variety of diets to suit your horse or pony’s changing energy requirements. By moving up and down the range you can make sure he is getting exactly the right amount of energy as his needs change throughout the year.

PLEASE NOTE: Although Veteran Vitality is low in starch and sugar, we would not necessarily recommend it for horses prone to, or suffering from, laminitis. We would, however, recommend Fast Fibre. For more information email our Helpline or call 01362 822 902.

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