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Matt Hicks Scales of Training – Collection

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This section looks at the sixth and final stage of the scales of training, collection.

Collection is acheived when the horse carries more weight on his hindquarters. “Collection refers to the horses ability to transfer weight from the forehand (shoulders and fore-legs) to the hindquarters which are designed to create forward movement.”

Stick with it!

Riding with a dressage whip helps back up the leg aid and is used to encourage a quicker, more active hindleg, to help produce more cadence in the paces. A light touch with the dressage whip encourages more engagement and activity.

Canter Walk

Transitions in the canter are a great way of developing and improving collection and self-carriage – for example canter-walk transitions.

Forward and Back on a canter circle

Forward and back on a canter circle encourages a horse to collect, particularly on a 20 metre ridden circle.

Shoulder-in at canter

One exercise that is is good for helping to develop engagement and collection is shoulder-in in canter. It helps create ‘Jump’ in the canter because they have to take weight behind, then jump through.


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