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Matt Hicks Scales of Training – Flexion & Shoulder in on the centre line

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Dressage Pure and Simple – Grand Prix rider Matt Hicks explains how to train your horse using the scales of training.

In our February issue of H&R Matt Hicks explains straightness in horse and rider, flexion, turning off the centre line and acheiving level hands.

Flexing (bending)the horses neck from side to side, straightening him in-between, helps with suppleness which in turn helps with straightness.

If you ride down the centre line – or on any straight line – and your horse isn’t straight, it’s worth trying a slight shoulder-in position (see December 2011 issue of Horse&Rider) It helps with suppleness which makes the horse easier to manage.

If you have a problem with wandering hands carrying a stick or a whip helps you ride with them in an even, level contact. Simply hold it horizontally with your hands about 20cm (8in) apart and your reins as normal.

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