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Perfect polework: part two

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See some more easy polework exercises you can try with your horse to transform both your flatwork and jumping

In April Horse&Rider’s Essential’s special, Perfect polework, we showed you some various polework exercises to help you improve both your flatwork and jumping.

Our trainer, professional showjumper Mark Hallion, shows you some easy exercises for you to try with their horse, nomatter what your level or experience. Scroll down to watch our model, BYRDS rider Jessica Gale and her stunning horse Rebelski, demonstrate some of the exercises in these exclusive how-to video clips…

3. Adjusting the stride, and improving rhythm and balance

  • Riding over canter-poles, varying the distances between the poles, will teach your horse to change his stride pattern at a moment’s notice. Adopting a light seat will also test your own balance and allow your horse to move more freely.
  • Varying the number of strides you ride between two uprights will teach your horse to adjust his stride and listen to your aids.
  • Adding canter poles between the uprights will help with striding.
  • Placing one ground pole at varying distances between the two jumps is a good exercise for shortening and lengthening the stride.

4. Lateral work and flying changes

  • Riding a 10m circle around two fences and leg-yielding across the diagonal in between will teach your horse to respond to your aids between the confines of the jumps. It will also give you the something to ride to and focus on, instead of letting your horse drift wherever he wants to go. More advanced combinations can try this in shoulder-in and half-pass.
  • Asking for a flying change over a pole as you reach the track will encourage your horse to correctly change canter leads as he jumps over the pole.

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