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Does the thought of organising your horse’s winter wardrobe send a shiver down your spine? It might be time to tailor your rugging system with some bespoke solutions to real-life quandaries

Horse in field wearing rug

Is there anything more dreary than horsey social media in the gloomy months? Gone are the glory days of sunny show ring snaps, enviable through-the-ears shots of fields in full bloom and endless chatter about where to go for the next big adventure. Replacing it all, inevitably, is one familiar question, repeated ad infinitum until the clocks change again – “what rug should I put on my horse tonight?”

If the advent of this months-long conundrum tends to send you to the tack shop in a panic, you’re not alone. But hold fire – your horse might not actually need a rug in every size, shape and weight. Instead, you could benefit from a close analysis of his individual traits, a realistic plan for the work you’ll be doing with him and, finally, a totally bespoke – and genuinely easy – plan of action to tackle the months to come. We’ve put together a handy guide to navigating temperature changes – to help you through it all. 

Horse&Rider's rugging guide

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