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Six Ideas for Role Models

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Choose a role model for the particular aspect of mental preparation you are working on. First, you will concentrate on participating, being steady and human. Then you will look at doing things well, being positive and simple. Later, you will also be focused on the future, being flexible and prepared.
At any stage, role playing will help you to overcome areas of weakness.

Go to shows and competitions, watch the best riders, and keep their image foremost in your mind – use them
as your role models.

1 Steady. This is about being careful, disciplined and persistent. The image of a banker works well as a role model. Alternatively, a competitor from a sport like long-distance running, rowing or mountain climbing may be the right role model for you.

2 Simple. This is about being rational and analytical. Imagining that you are a professor searching for answers and learning from mistakes, or a competitor from a precision sport like gymnastics, can help you to think like this.


3 Positive. This is about having a constructive outlook on life. An army general is an ideal character to imagine here, because this role requires working together with other people in order to become stronger.

4 Flexible. This is about being ready to adapt your ideas or approach in order to get the maximum  result from the minimum effort. Imagine you are a wizard: finding a better idea can result in a magical performance.

5 Prepared. This is about being able to deal with all eventualities and make effective decisions. A circus ringmaster could be your imagined character and role model for this.

6 Human. This is about being able to empathise with others and keep problems in perspective. The image of a spirited and wise grandmother can help you with this attitude, or a famous role model, such as South Africa’s Nelson Mandela, could also be effective.

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