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Top 10 tips for clipping your pony

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The cold weather is coming and so is his winter coat. It’s time to smarten him up and get rid of some of that fluff…

1 Get him sedated – if your horse is twitchy about being clipped, it’s safer for you both if you get the vet out to give him a shot of something soothing.

2 Use sharp blades and have a spare pair handy if he’s super-hairy.

3 Don’t forget the circuit-breaker – a clip should leave your horse looking smart, not dead.

Do it outside in natural light as it’ll show up every tuft and patch, and you won’t inhale as much hair.

Draw the lines on with chalk – so you can get the shape right before clippers meet hair, and there’s no going back…

6 Keep the lines long and the pressure even – short, tentative strokes in various directions will leave your horse looking like he’s had an accident rather than a trim. Oil canister

7 Oil the blades regularly – a good lubricant is your best friend.

If you accidentally take off bits of his mane, don’t go back and try to straighten it – you’ll only make it worse.

If it looks dodgy at first, don’t panic – his coat will settle down after a few days. If he still looks awful, resist the urge to have another go at him. It’s hair so it’ll grow back – eventually.

Pay a professional to do it for you – realistically, do you cut your own hair?

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