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Solutions for hacking problems

Simple solutions for rider worries about hacking, and difficult situations encountered when out hacking. Read Article

Hacked off! Hacking around the Cotswolds

The third in our series on great British rides, we explore hacking around the Cotswolds - Starting in Guiting Power and utilising Drovers' roads such as Sabrina way. Read Article

My horse bucks when I try to go quicker when we’re out hacking, why is this?

Q: When going up a gear to canter – usually when we’re out on a hack – my horse, who used to be kept on working livery, sometimes throws in a buck. Why is this? Read Article

My ex-racer thoroughbred runs away with me when out hacking, it’s starting to scare me, what can I do?

Q: Within the last year or so, my ex-racer Thoroughbred has started to run away with me on a hack as soon as we come to an open area – he’s fine to school in an arena. It’s now scaring me, so what can I do about it? Read Article

Hacked off! Hacking around the Yorkshire Wolds

Discover a wonderfully unspoilt part of Yorkshire with your horse on this inspiring route. Read Article

Beginner’s guide to hunting – find out what is required for a day’s hunting and what to wear and to expect

Want to know how to go hunting? It’s trail hunting nowadays, with hounds following a scent laid by a runner or quad bike, and it’s enormous fun! Horse&Rider magazine has all the advice first timers need, from hunting etiquette to how to ride your horse at his first meet. So get on the trail now... Read Article

How to hold a galloping horse

Do you want to go fast, but worry you might not stop at the other end? Then follow Tina Sederholm's great advice for staying in control Read Article

My horse insists on being at the front when hacking out – how can I make him listen to me?

Q: My gelding is a very forward-going, strong ride and whenever I hack him out with other horses, he insists on being in front. If I try to go at the back, he jogs and pulls on the reins, and I sometimes have trouble stopping him. What can I do now to make him listen to me? Read Article

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