A bit for fleshy lips.

Brigitte is a bitting expert and Sales Manager for German brand Sprenger, and has co-written a book with Heniz Baumann called Leading With Feeling
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A bit for fleshy lips.

Postby Emma » Mon Aug 15, 2011 4:49 pm

I wonder if you can help. My Welsh Sec D came to me with a loose ring French link snaffle and I have continued to ride him in this. He is generally extremely quiet and steady but, on occasion, can stop and then try to turn if he sees something he doesn't like whilst hacking. Unfortunately, I tend to stiffen my upper body when this happens. I am working to relax and to use my legs more but, in the meantime, am concerned about the loose rings nipping my horse's lips. I have fitted rubber bit guards to help to prevent this but, on one occasion, he managed to end up with one in his mouth. I bought a full cheek French link but, when I tried it on, his lips (which are particularly fleshy!) seemed very squashed against the sides although the size was the same as the loose ring. This was also the case when I tried on a standard single jointed eggbutt snaffle. Consequently, I am still using the loose ring French link but am sure that there must be a more suitable bit out there somewhere! I must add that I don't expect a bit to solve my riding problems: I am working on those too. I just want to make sure that my horse is comfortable. Could you suggest a bit to try?

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Re: A bit for fleshy lips.

Postby admin » Thu Sep 01, 2011 9:13 am

From Brigitte;

Thank you for your email. From the information you have given to me I suggest you try a Sprenger KK Ultra bit – this is a double jointed bit with a lozenge in the middle made from Aurigan – the only metal made specifically to go in a horse’s mouth. The action work s very gently on the horse’s tongue so you only need to apply very subtle aids. I would recommend you buy either the eggbutt version or the full cheek version – this will help stop any pinching of your horse’s lips. If you let me know your address I can send you a Sprenger measure guide that will help you work out exactly the size of your horse’s mouth. Sprenger are not the cheapest bits but you can guarantee that if they are correctly fitted your horse will be very comfortable and this will I am sure be completely reassuring for you. Good luck !’

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