Beauty by by nature! I LOVED my chestnut mare!

Tell us about the first pony that stole your heart!
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Beauty by by nature! I LOVED my chestnut mare!

Postby dollu31 » Fri May 27, 2011 12:42 pm

My first pony was a little chestnut mare called Beauty (posh name Meadow Mistress). She was around 13hh and liver chestnut, with an abundance of silky red mane and a fiesty personality!

I grew to love her from afar as she was kept in a hacking centre in a local park and I used to feed her bits of grass when she was turned out. (I remember this very clearly, although I must only have been 7-8 at the time). I started riding lessons elsewhere but soon switched to the hacking centre and immediately started to ask to ride Beauty.

In her time, Beauty had been a Pony Club mounted games pony and I hate cliches, but she really could turn on a sixpense! She was also incredibly fast and when we used to gallop down the field all the other girls used to laugh because Beauty REALLY raced to WIN!! Ears flat back, neck stretched out - she looked like a little tb!!

She could also jump like a stag. When I first met her she was owned by a riding instructor and one day she took me up to ride she had forgotten the combination to the lock on the gate, so she jumped her out for me to ride...over afive bar gate!!!

Beauty was a sweetheart and you could trust her with the smallest of children in the stable and on the lead-rein, but she was fast and fun for more experienced riders.

I miss that pony every day and I will never hear a bad word said about chestnut mares!!

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