Bye bye Skippa and Rooney!!

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Bye bye Skippa and Rooney!!

Postby CookieComeTrue » Sun Oct 14, 2012 4:29 pm

Skippa was the first pony I rode. She was a 12hh blue roan Welsh Section D mare and getting old. No one knew her exact age, but she was in her twenties. She was going grey over the months, but despite the serious conversations about putting her to sleep, we couldn't be realistic about it.
Then one Winter day when I turned up for my lesson, I was put on Rooney, Skippa's little sister. I said to my instructor, "Why aren't I riding Skippa?", but she just pretended she hadn't heard. After being ignore 3 tims, I decided it was best to ask after I'd turned out Rooney. Passing Skippa's stable(with both doors closed), I had a thought of the worst and a shiver ran up my spine. So I asked my instructer. She told me to ask my mum. So in the car, I asked.
"Skippa died overnight. I'm so sorry Anya," she said.
I cried for weeks. Then I stopped, and then loved Rooney. Then Rooney died. I had not only lost , but 2 amazing ponies.

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