Does the Bit that a horse wears effect its performance ?

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Does the Bit that a horse wears effect its performance ?

Postby A.DuncanEventing » Tue Dec 01, 2015 3:51 pm

My name is Annabel and I own horses which I event. I am starting an extended project for one of my AS level options. My question is 'How Does the tack and bit that a horse wears affect its performance?' If anyone has any opinion on this question I would love to hear from you as I need plenty of different opinions for my research and write up. I am going to be carrying out an investigation to prove whether a certain combination of bridle and bit works better than others. Of course I can't test every combination of bit, nose band, breast plate or martingale but I have chosen a few which cover the overall bit groups which I hope will give me a wide range of results to make a conclusion on. I am going to be carrying this out in an outdoor arena with just a cross pole which I will jump three times in a circuit, timing each full circuit to measure the time that it takes me to compete the whole circuit and then I am going to have someone measure the distance between the take off point and the landing point. Finally I am going to comment on my jump saying whether I had enough control or not and how I thought the striding into the fence was. I will be using a snaffle, Dutch gag and finally a Pelham. I will be using these bits without a nose band or a martingale, then with a nose band and no martingale, then no nose band but a martingale and finally both a nose band and a martingale. I understand that this is just based on one horse's response to the different combinations but I would love to hear expletive as to whether you think this is a good way to investigate or if you have any ideas or changes to my investigation to get more accurate and reliable results.
Thank you in advance.

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