First Horse - cost of owning (scotland)

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First Horse - cost of owning (scotland)

Postby Tigerheat18 » Sun Aug 03, 2014 11:28 am

Looking for some advice on the cost of owning my own horse in Scotland on an annual or monthly basis.

I have been back to riding after 4 years off for nearly 3 years now, and now I'm thinking of buying my own horse at the end of next year however I'm unsure of an accurate cost of owning my own horse. If someone could break down the average costs for me that would be great.

For the next year I want to bank the amount I would have to pay per month to be sure of affordability before taking on the huge financial commitment and going to help out with one of the horses at my stable to work out manageability also. I was going to speak to my instructor about it but don't want to just yet as I want to save embarrassment if it turns out I can't afford it.

And if not the money I save could go towards a nice holiday to cheer myself up or if it does work out financially then a wee nest egg for any emergencies I may have with the horse.

Thanks guys :)

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