Foot abscesses

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Foot abscesses

Postby Irishcobfan » Fri Oct 22, 2010 12:58 pm

I wondered if I should have posted this on my other thread about barefoot horses but it also applies to shod horses too. I know of a horse who has a nasty hoof abscess due to not having been trimmed regularly. The problem is now being treated by a vet but this could have been so easily avoided by regular footcare. Rather too often the unshod hoof is left too long and I thought perhaps I should post about this as it would have avoided a lot of pain and distress and it is a great pity for the horse who has to suffer. The hoof is the first place you should look for when lameness strikes but I see so many horses going without essential care and regular appointments with the farrier. I even knew of one lady who wouldnt get a farrier out until the horse's shoes had started to fall off! I'm not a farrier by the way but I do feel like venting because it annoys me to see so many problems which could have been easily avoided in the first place and I'm sure no-one here would negelct their horse's hooves at all so I'm preaching to the converted but I just see it all so often that it's becoming my obsession in life! I'll stop ranting now lol!

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Re: Foot abscesses

Postby dominochase » Fri Oct 29, 2010 9:39 am

That's really interesting. I had no idea that it could cause foot abscesses. When I put my horse out on loan, he had been lame once in the whole time I'd had him (for a puncture wound after being kicked in the field). After a year or so with the loan person he kept getting foot abscesses. Seeing this makes me wonder whether or not she was looking after his feet properly. They were so mangled from having the abscess drained when I saw him it was difficult to tell. Hmm...
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