Going into a double

Brigitte is a bitting expert and Sales Manager for German brand Sprenger, and has co-written a book with Heniz Baumann called Leading With Feeling
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Going into a double

Postby LynneAC » Thu Jul 22, 2010 9:41 am

Hi Brigitte

I'm shortly looking to start my mare in a double and wondered what you'd suggest.

She has got a chunky tongue, likes a port and also responds well to the curb.

I like the look of your new weymouth (?Bemelmans) and wondered if this was suitable for a horse new to double bits? I will probably be going for a KK Ultra bradoon.

She is a 5.5" in your bits (she has a 5.5" Ultra & WH) so what sizes would you suggest for the weymouth and bradoon please?

Thank you
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Re: Going into a double

Postby Expert_Bitting » Mon Sep 13, 2010 11:56 am

Hi! thanks for your email - I would recommend a HO weymouth as a starter one as they are the kindest – if she feels like she needs more room I would then try the Bemelmans which has a ‘louder voice’ and allows more tongue room. Traditional ported bits put a lot of direct pressure on the tongue when used.

To simulate the feeling your horse’s mouth will get clasp the bit in your fist and pull on the rings as though you were pulling on the reins and your palm will feel what your horse’s tongue will feel.

KK Ultra bradoon – perfect choice !

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