I just had my first fall..

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I just had my first fall..

Postby LouLou » Sat Apr 12, 2014 1:03 pm

I hope this is in right place, I'm sorry if its not..

Last week I had my first fall. We were cantering, I lost balance and fell. It was all over really quickly but I ended up in a&e with a injured knee and leg.

I've been riding for five months now and this is my first time falling but its really knocked my confidence. I dont know how to get over it. The idea of going back for my lesson is scary and I'm worried I'll get there and not be able to do it! How can I get over this?

Also, im worried that the people who saw me fall and my instructor are going to think less of me as a rider.. I know I'm not very good but I thought I was getting somewhere. Now they might think I'm not capable :|

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Re: I just had my first fall..

Postby Expert_LizPitman » Wed Apr 23, 2014 7:23 am

Everyone falls off sometimes. The important thing is to learn from what happened and let it help you become a better rider. If others having a lesson think less of you, so what? And I bet they have fallen off at some point and, if they haven't, they will in the future.

It's what happens between you and the horse that matters, not what other people think of you. And if your instructor thinks less of you for having a fall, then find somewhere else to have lessons. What a good instructor should do is see what happened and why, and then help you work on that part of your riding.

If balance is an issue, I'd suggest either lunge lessons or going to someone who has a simulator for a few lessons. There are a few really good instructors who have them that I know of - Heather Moffett, Becky Chapman to name 2, and I can promise you that neither of them would ever think badly of a pupil who fell off.

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Re: I just had my first fall..

Postby livyywinstyy » Fri May 02, 2014 6:21 pm

no-one will think less of you if you fall! you know there's a saying that if if you have not fallen off at least 7 times you not a proper rider? some people i know even say its 21! falling is part of riding, if you don't fall you can never learn to stay on (i have definitely learnt that the hard way) :lol: my instructor once asked me how many times i had fallen, i said i dont know i lost count and he said good. if you never fall you cant be riding properly!
you are very unfortunate that your first fall resulted in A&E! i can see that that will have knocked a load of your confidence but just remember that your back up and walking. riding is however a very dangerous sport so while its important to be aware of that, worry just makes things 100x worse. tell your instructor what you feel, he/she will think no less of you, you instructor will still be falling off to this day! if they know you have worries they can help you work through them.
good luck!

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