inflammed Coffin Joinyt HELPP

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inflammed Coffin Joinyt HELPP

Postby ImJustTaz » Thu May 26, 2011 12:43 pm

hello, my showjumping pony has been having foot problems latley, long story short he had an inflammed coffin joint he has had it drained and 2 steriods injected after the 2nd injection he was back to himslef and i started bringing him back into work!!..
Anyway.. last night az cast a shoe (on his bad foot and an egg bar at that ((he has bad feet Cracked feet))). my farriet who came to today to re-shoe him said it would of took alot ov force to get an eggbar off !! he has been lame on that foot again could it be becuase his sore from casting the shoe and quite a bit of hoof went with it or could it be his coffin joint (theres no inflammation) im so bored of the lame game now !! anycomments will help xx

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