Injured pelvis

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Injured pelvis

Postby Sprite » Sun Aug 28, 2011 8:19 am

I have had my vet out to look at my 6yo Morgan horse as he has lost his medial gluteal muscle on his offside and his hip is sticking out (this happened over a week). The vet has suggested that he might have fractured his pelvis in the past and re-injured it now. He has recommended that I walk him for 20mins 3 times a day building up to an hour to build up some muscle then get a physio/chiro to look at him. He also said on recovery he would be at best a light hack even though he was being schooled and jumping beforehand after his previous injury. He is lame (probably mechanical due to muscle loss) but does not appear to be in pain.

Does anyone have any experience of similar injuries or some tips to help me?
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