loose droppings

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loose droppings

Postby sussexchestnut » Sat Nov 06, 2010 9:14 pm

My pony lives out 24/7 and is fed a small amount of Hi-Fi during the summer and up to two scoops in winter, with haylage from December to March. He seems to suffer with loose droppings most of the time. He gets an excitable tummy when i hack him out, but he is quite a fizzy type anyway. He had loose droppings all last winter when being fed the Haylage, but also in summer when the grazing is changed. The paddock is strip grazed and any change will affect him. I was advise to use Haylage Balancer, but as he is only fed haylage in winter, that doesn't seem to be the solution. He's just finished a tub of Pink Powder, but this hasn't helped. I gave him the loading dose for a month and there was a subtle improvement, but once the dosage was decreased he became quite loose again. I have been thinking of trying him on Thrive. Do you think this would help him year round, or is there anything else you advise please.

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Re: loose droppings

Postby Expert_NAF_Nutrition » Mon Nov 08, 2010 10:05 am

Thanks for your enquiry, and I'm sorry to hear of the problem your pony is having. Certainly it's not unusual for gut health to be linked very closely to temperament, and if he's the fizzy type anyway loose droppings even on a hay diet is not uncommon. It's interesting that the Pink Powder showed an improvement for you, but only at the higher level. This, together with the diet he's on, suggests to me that the best product to try would be the Haylage Balancer. Don't worry that he's not on haylage - we give it that name as it's an issue commonly seen on haylage, but it can affect all animals.

Haylage Balancer contains the pre and probiotics that he was getting from the Pink Powder, and that seemed to help him at the higher level. It also gives a broad range of vitamins and minerals, and as he's on quite a simple diet I think he probably needs the additional micronutrients for general health. The big difference between this and Pink Powder is that Haylage Balancer also contains a good level of antacids, effectively mopping up all the excesses from the gut. These excesses are often literally seen as excess water in the droppings, therefore absorbing all this as it passes through the gut should be seen as more regular droppings. Remember if the problem persists, or is unexplained, then you should always seek veterinary advise from your vet.

I would suggest starting him at 3 scoops of Haylage Balancer for about 5 days and then reducing to 2 scoops if he is a lighter (less than 400kg) pony. If he's no better after a couple of weeks please do contact us again and we can discuss it with you further.

I hope this is useful, and please do let us know how you and your pony get on with Haylage Balancer - remember, we always love to hear expletive.

Kind regards,

Kate Jones, Snr Nutritionist, NAF

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