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Postby Molly » Mon Sep 03, 2012 6:57 pm

Hi my mum just bought me a pony a week and a half a go she was advertised as not a novice ride . well anyway after 3 weeks of making minds up and travaling 40 miles for 3 weeks to make up our mind we decided to buy her so we brought her home on the first night she was so freindly and was missing were she used to be so we let her settle in and after about 2 days i just did a bit of schooling for about 15mins and she was perfect. so the next day i took her on a hack and she was really relaxed after that she had 2 days off then i did a tiny bit of schooling with her and as soon as i asked for trot she took off into canter and wouldnt stop till i steered her into a fence to stop her and luckily she stopped well my mum was really worried she has had a lot of experiance with mental horses who wont stop and just take off so we did some lunging with her and let here settle in ever more so i took her for a hack 3 days ago i asked for trot beacase a car was waiting for us to pass and well that was the wrong thing to do she went into canter and i still couldnt stop her we crossed a road and i managed to stop her by shaply turning her into a gate way so we walked home on the ground and got back on on the yard and just walked her round. so after that me and mum did some more lunging and bonding and calming exersise with her then today we had a person come and fit saddels beacase we need a saddle to fit my mum so she can ride when i am a school and they went down into a feild with my mum on and a properly fitting saddle and she just took off and wouldnt stop till she reached a gate. so mum says we have to sell her but i think she just needs to settle in but mum is determined to sell her back tto her old owners or to someone else unless we can ride her without taking off with us what sould i do should i try or just leave it PLEASE HELP I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP


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Postby Expert_LizPitman » Tue Sep 04, 2012 8:50 am

Hi Robbyn,

This is really hard for me to say what's going on and what you should do without actually seeing for myself. The very best thing you could do would be to ask one of my collegues to come and see her so that can assess exactly what the problem is. Let me know if you want me to help you find someone.

From what you're saying, though, I'd say your pony is scared of something, and that when she canters off with you she's actually running away. It might well be that she has some pain somewhere and that being ridden makes it hurt. It sounds like whatever it is is worse for her when you trot - that might be because of you going up and down in the saddle, it might also be the ways she moves in trot that is uncomfortable. It could be because of her teeth/bit, it could be she has sore feet, it could be so many different things.

I don't think that just letting her settle will do the trick, though. If she's scared or in pain, she'll need someone to help her feel better. So, you mum is right that you need to do something. I personally would suggest calling in an expert to assess her, so that you know if it is something that might be quite easy to fix, but if she has got a bigger problem I can also understand that your mum would want to ask the sellers to take her back.

Don't forget that your mum is looking after you. She wants you to have a lovely pony but she also doesn't want you to get hurt. So see what she thinks about getting an assessment - if she'd like to ask me more about it, I'm happy to explain either by email or over the phone.

Good luck :)

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Postby Kaliska » Wed Sep 05, 2012 1:55 pm

Your mum is only trying to look out for you, but you need to get a professional in to assess whether your pony is scared or in pain. They will then be able to advise you of the best course of action. Good luck!

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