my horse falls in and out

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my horse falls in and out

Postby KJlivey1 » Wed Jul 14, 2010 7:33 am

Hi Nereide,

I have recently brought a new TB mare and she fall in (and sometimes out) quite a bit mainly in the trot and canter I can’t do 20 meter circle on both the left and right rein but I can do big big circle on in the open on the right rein but I can’t do it on the left for she can some time rear because she falls in so much
I am not quite sure how to stop it but I know that she has quit a stiff neck and I have a physio coming out soon
If you have any idea on how I can improve this matter that would be great
Thanks for your time hope you can help


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Re: my horse falls in and out

Postby mja » Wed Jul 14, 2010 1:38 pm

I would get physio if rearing and you know your horse if she feels off to you of course.

Try leg yielding together going off your leg and then can push her out and legyield in spiralling smaller and larger circles. Also ask her to bend round your leg more.

I find for my mare who falls in and out too on bad rein that instructor telling me to do this really helped as I push her in or out now with leg maintaining correct bend with inside hand and outside hand keeps her balanced but I have to ride in a wider contact like steering a shopping trolley using my body and shoulders directing where she is going always looking to other side of circle so my balance is correct.

I also have to ride her round school legyielding her into each corner and on small ish square asking her to bend around my leg on corners to open up her ribcage and supple her. Turns on forehand are good too as has to step underneath her and engages hindquarters.

Hope that helps, I am no expert of course xx

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Re: my horse falls in and out

Postby Expert_Dressage » Tue Jul 20, 2010 10:39 am

I think you are being very sensible arranging for her to be checked over by a professional for any physical problems that might be causing her discomfort. I would also have her teeth checked and make sure the saddle is fitting correctly.
Presuming there are no physical problems I think you need to work on the basics. To stop your horse falling in keep your inside leg on and support her with the outside rein, keeping an allowing and elastic contact with the inside rein. Make sure you are sitting straight as she will be very sensitive to weight distribution. Ride very simple movements on both reins with many transitions. Start with walk – halt - walk, trot – walk –trot – walk making sure she stays relaxed and supple. She should be ridden evenly into an elastic but even rein contact and she must know she always has a way forward. If she gets tight in trot bring her back to walk, supple her for a few strides and trot again. This can be done first in straight lines and then progressing to large circles but always being ready to ride straight out of the circle and supple her if she finds it difficult. Give her plenty of breaks to allow her to stretch down over the back in the walk.
When you are both happy and relaxed in walk and trot and this might take some weeks - then you can think about including canter in your transition work. Time spent on the basics now is an investment for the future pleasure you will have riding your horse.
If you are experienced in lunging it would be good to see her from the ground without a rider and may help her strengthen and find her own balance. Keep the side reins low, not too short and of even length.
Good luck!

kind regards

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