older horse lameness

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older horse lameness

Postby allisonaldridge » Tue Jul 16, 2013 10:52 am

My gelding is a 20 year old TB. This year he has been going great, doing hunter trials and competitions and he hasnt been stiff after them or anything. Back in May he got a stone bruise and was out for a few days (he is quite soft) and came back, he then had some swelling around the flexor muscle behind the knee but after sometime off he was back to galloping around the field.. recently he has started stopping at fences and in the practice ring on sunday he was perfect and then refused the first fence on the course (i fell off).. he then went back into the practice ring and sometimes was sound and then trotted lame a few strides and then went sound again. the sunday before that he also stopped at the first fence but then went clear after that, he felt a bit off after it but I put it down to the ground being a bit hard as all the horses were feeling it I have had his teeth checked and back checked a month ago, but im having his back checked again tonight and his saddle.. he walked in from, the field perfect last night and i gave him a small trot up and he was fine but when he went back out to the field he looked to be walking a bit off.. Im at a loss as to what could be wrong,. people are mentioning arthritis and to retire him but I dont want to give up... anyone any advice? could he have gone down hill so quickly? if the physio says he has a problem of course ill retire him but sometimes I think he is just chancing his luck!

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