Embarrassed to wear hi viz

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Re: Embarrassed to wear hi viz

Postby CounterCanter » Tue Aug 16, 2011 12:03 pm

You are most definitely the sensible ones! That exercise sheet sounds fab (I'm jealous!!) and I would definitely go for it. By making fun of you, your fellow liveries are showing they are immature and don't care about the safety of their horse or themselves.

I wear a hi-viz hat cover (especially useful as I have a velvet hat and it keeps it dry!) and one of the Polite tabards. My friend gave me some fluorescent brushing boots, but unfortunately they don't fit my pony... :( I would definitely like to get the whole Polite schebang; neck band, boots and winter sheet.

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Re: Embarrassed to wear hi viz

Postby jinglejoys » Wed Aug 17, 2011 8:38 pm

I think the ones that should be embarressed are the ones NOT wearing Hi-viz! They may not care a jot for themselves but what about their horse and family?Maybe they just don't have the courage to stop behaving like sheep?

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Re: Embarrassed to wear hi viz

Postby dollu31 » Thu Oct 06, 2011 12:15 pm

I think people who don't wear hi-viz when out on the roads give horse riders a bad name! For me, my horses are everything and I will do anything that will help to keep them safe.

I wont leave the yard without putting some hi-viz on, and as a minimum that means a tabard/coat or waist coat (depending on the weather) and a hat band. Most of the time I use leg bands too and often I have an exercise seat and tail wrap! Yes, I probably look like a chistmas tree...but if it gives driver even a couple of more second to see me...I am happy!

Where I keep my horses we get a lot of farm traffic, and the contractors drive like maniacs when they are trying to get silo in before the rain...there have been numerous times where if I wasn't wearing hi-viz i am convinced they wouldn't have seen me in time to slow down, let alone stop and we would have been squished by a tractor!!!!

Even if I am going for a ride which has minimal roadwork, I always wear hi-viz, as in the case of an accident, if I came off one of the horses and was lay in a secluded area unable to move, my hi-viz would make me much easier to find for anyone looking!

Go ahead and buy your lovely wrap around exercise sheet! You clearly care about your horses and if the others on your yard are not mature enough to see the true value of hi-viz, it's their problem....they might change their mind if they are involved in an accident one day!

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Re: Embarrassed to wear hi viz

Postby Big Brown Horses » Fri Feb 10, 2012 4:02 pm

I am guilty of not wearing Hi Viz kit when riding out, but know it’s the sensible thing to do. Did you know that a lot of insurance policies state you should wear something Hi Viz – if this is the case you may not be covered.

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Re: Embarrassed to wear hi viz

Postby Snipper » Fri Feb 10, 2012 4:44 pm

Actually I didn't know that! I'll remind fellow liveries of that next time they tease me! Thanks for the heads up!

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