Searching for my much missed boy! 14.2hh chestnut Welsh geld

Post a desperately seeking ad and find a horse you used to ride or own, or old yard mates and hacking buddies
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Searching for my much missed boy! 14.2hh chestnut Welsh geld

Postby xtagx » Fri Feb 24, 2012 1:11 pm

Trying to trace my much missed pony who I had to sell in 2007 due to reasons no fault of his own. He was a troubled pony when I got him and I spent lots of time getting him to the best he could be and he ment every thing to me and I was devestated when he was sold. He ended up being brought by a dealer from Brentwood who advertised in the Essex Rider but he forgot to take Sammies passport so the one he would have now will either be not his or one that starts from 2007. He is a 14.2hh Welsh Sec C, although the man did say he was a big C so may of been sold as a D. He would be around 18 now but again may of been sold as younger. Sammie was amazing to ride when in regular work and would work in natural outline. He could be strong to ride at times and was a bold, talanted jumper. He would occasionally buck and rear when ridden but that was only rarely. The only thing I could fault him on was that he would often bolt when being brought back from the field and take himself back to the yard but may not do this now. I really did love this pony and just want to know what became of him, good or bad. Could you please email me at [email protected] if you own/think you know him as dont always get to check sites. Please see ... 1QQtppZZ20 for more photos. Thank you x


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