Help with bucking.

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Help with bucking.

Postby showjumper » Wed Sep 19, 2012 9:14 am

I,ve had duke on loan for about 5 weeks now and his bucking is getting worse To start with, it was jst a little kick as he got into canter which is normal for him if he,s not cantered for a while, but now he starts really bucking when I put my leg on. He is a 7 yr old cob x trotter and finds canter difficult, he never does more than a few strides then he collapses into a walk and no amount of kicking can get him moving. Last week I managed to get a good canter out of him and it,s since then the bucking has started, even while walking. He has had a full check but nothing can be found, but he has started to get a clicky hock, which is going to be checked. I have noticed the only time he plays up is when it,s windy, and he is a bossy horse, so i,m wondering if he,s jst trying to get his own way. I took him on a hack yesterday with another horse and he started bucking down the road when I asked for trot. How can I stop him?

Edt. Forgot to add, he doesn,t do it on the lunge

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Re: Help with bucking.

Postby Expert_LizPitman » Sat Sep 22, 2012 8:27 am

Hi showjumper,

Thanks for your question - another one that's not easy!

First of all, is this something he did before you got him? Have you talked to his owner about it and, if so, what did s/he say? If it's something he's done for a while, it'd be interesting to know what's already been tried.

If it's something that has started more recently, then you need to look at what has changed. Obviously there's been a change in rider, have you also changed tack, feed, etc?

I have to say, though, that it sounds like a physical problem of some sort, that he's saying "I can't do that", i.e. canter, and when you insist he's bucking to say "I really mean it, I can't do it!!!". That could be due to tack, but with a clicky hock I'd suspect there is something else. I know you say he's been checked but in my experience things often get missed because they're not being looked for.

Sorry to others reading this, but I'm going to send you a personal message with some thoughts. I don't want to post openly as I'm not qualified to advise on phyiscal issues and would not want others to take my thoughts as a diagnosis.

In general, though, if anyone else has a problem like this, it's a question of playing detective a bit. If the horse doesn't do it on the lunge, as in this case, then what could make the difference to the horse when there is a rider on the back? Tack? Back? Rider himself?

Keep listening, and the horse will tell you lots.

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