Good riding school in Bristol area?

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Good riding school in Bristol area?

Postby Nestar » Tue Nov 20, 2012 4:24 pm

Hello all!

I am considering moving to Bristol and a good riding school in the area would go some way in influencing my decision to move!

I am probably an intermediate rider - walk, trot, canter, starting low jumps. I really want to be able to improve my riding through occasional private lessons and regular small groups. I particularly want to work on jumping and understanding some basic dressage like getting the horse into this mythical 'outline' (?) and working 'on the bit' (?) that I have heard about?!

I really want to take my riding to the next level at a school that has a good variety of horses to learn on - I like quite tall horses as I am 5ft 8/9 and horses that aren't your standard, bored riding school horses (I'm sure you know the sort!)

Any suggestions?

Thanks very much! :)

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