STOLEN - Jilly, 33 inches, chestnut shetland mare

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STOLEN - Jilly, 33 inches, chestnut shetland mare

Postby tracingequines » Sun Sep 01, 2013 2:49 pm

Crime Ref: FZ/44507/2013

(photo hosted on TE gallery)

Gender - Mare
Description / Comments - Crime ref number (req'd): FZ/44507/2013, Police Station:Staffordshire, Officers name:, Contact number: 101
Colour - Light Chestnut and White Whorl above eye level
Height - 33 inches
Age - 12 years
Stolen from - Daisy Lane, Alrewas
Date of Theft - 14-08-2013
Region - Stolen Horse Register, Tel: 0870 870 7107, E-Mail: [email protected]

More Information

Chestnut Shetland mare stolen from Daisy Lane, Alrewas (near Burton on Trent) yesterday evening 14/08/2013 between 3pm-5.30pm. Electric fencing has been ripped down and the mare has been taken, luckily the foal stayed in the field and didn't get out.
Crime Ref FZ/44507/2013

Jilly is lame and always has been. Her front hooves turned slightly so when walking has an obvious limp on front legs.

Her udder may be swollen as she has been separated from the foal early. She may be uncomfortable, look lame behind or may be leaking milk or even get mastitis.

(photo hosted on TE gallery)

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