Outline advice

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Ellie mare
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Outline advice

Postby Ellie mare » Tue Nov 22, 2011 9:59 pm

For the past few months I have been concentrating on hacking out with my 7 yr old mare and building her confidence. We are now riding out regularly alone without napping issues. I have now started working on her schooling in the arena. When I first bought her, she kind of went in an outline, but I've always felt she wasn't really on the bit, more holding herself behind the contact. I am concentrating on getting her moving forward positively and trying to achieve a better rhythm. A friend said I should keep asking for more outline, but I find she fights against your hand and hollows if you fiddle. If I keep my contact quite still, she eventually does start to reach forward and I get a more positive though a little heavy feeling in my hands. Should I continue just waiting for her to offer or actively ask for more?
Any suggestions?

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Re: Outline advice

Postby kransome87 » Sun Mar 04, 2012 3:51 pm


Sounds like you are doing a very good job.
I have issues with the horse I have on loan when it comes to his outline, only now n then. I have done the following with him and he has steadily improved - nearly consistant in walk and getting there in trot.
Try to incorporate lots of transitions into your schooling as this really encourages the hind quarters to work properly....always push her forward. I would say don't fiddle too much with the reins - some horses just don't react very well to that, instead I would say incorporate lots and lots of circles and surpentines into you schooling as the bend will help to encourage her to accept the bit. Keep your hands still and consistent and soft. Also try holding your hands slightly lower than normal, sometimes this encourages them. Every time you feel her give (even the slightest amount) tell her good girl and give her a pat.
Don't know if any of that will help, but hopefully there'll be something there you haven't tried!
Good luck x

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Re: Outline advice

Postby SpiritRider3101 » Wed Sep 04, 2013 3:28 pm

Mostly, horses fight against because they don't want to go into an outline. Keep on trying. Some good tips my instructor gave me with one horse (because of him and his bit) is to go wide and long with hands almost on your knees, bending the elbow and working from behind are all things you want. With two horse who were new, I did outline work and every time we changed the rein, I let them stretch with a longer rein until I slowly picked them back up. Sorry If I didn't explain things right or it doesn't work!

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