Lunging and Other Problems with Blind Horse

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Lunging and Other Problems with Blind Horse

Postby Shantster » Wed Jan 21, 2015 10:39 pm

A few months a ago I got a 12 yo, 16hh horse whose history is unknown and, among other problems, is virtually blind in his right eye - his left eye is fine. He's been checked by the vet, farrier and has had a couple of sessions with an equine osteo.

He has some muscle wastage to his off shoulder and his near front hoof is slightly bigger than his off front possibly indicating that he bears more weight on the near front leg. Osteo advised not too try to correct this too much as that is probably now his confirmation.

He had some tightness in his near pelvic area (he stood with his hind legs very close together and did not like being ridden for too long) but that has eased since osteo treatment and is now fine being ridden. His rug does not sit straight on him along the back and he is weak in his hindquarters.

On the transition from walk to trot he sometimes does a little 'hop' - that's the best way I can describe it.

He is not supple and favours the left rein ( could be due to his eye?) when ridden and lunged. It's virtually impossible to get him to lunge on the right rein and he keeps coming in on the circle and I presume he can't see the whip pointing at his shoulder.

I feed him a balancer and Glucosomine 10,000+MSM.

What exercises would you suggest increase his suppleness and straightness and how should I go about encouraging him to lunge on the right rein. There's a lot to sort out!

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Re: Lunging and Other Problems with Blind Horse

Postby Jason » Mon Feb 23, 2015 3:25 pm

Sorry I can't help as I don't have the expertise in this area, but I sure hope you can help him. Sounds like he has a few physical issues, poor guy x

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