When broken bones keep you away from yard life

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When broken bones keep you away from yard life

Postby Samiwoo » Tue Mar 15, 2016 7:41 pm

Hi there, I'm new to this and new to my circumstance. I've had my lovely boy for two years now and everything's been going great. He's my first and I've been loving being a full time DIY owner until last month when I took a tumble (totally my own fault). We were at a hunt meet when I lost my balance on a steep hill - resulting in a broken ankle, surgery and now crutches - I can't weight bear for 12 weeks (well 8 now and counting). Very fourtunately my boy was and is absolutely fine.

I'm lucky I know, and I'm also very lucky to have wonderful friends and a truly brilliant livery yard that are taking fantastic care of my boy. My instructor is riding him for me so I know he's getting tip top schooling to ease the nerves he does have since my fall and subsequent dissaperance.

I get to see my boy a few times a week when I can be driven up. So I'm seeing him, I just miss him so much! It's my first serious fall - and wondered how others cope with not being able to get to the yard every day - to do even the basics of horse care. I feel so helpless not being able to fill a haynet - let alone ride. It'll be a long journey as I'll need physio and expect I'll never fully get the heal down in the effected leg (not that I did properly before :) but I'm determined to!

Any similar experiences would help - thanks so much

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