Mo - the evils of colic

Sometimes our time with special horses is all too short. Share your memories here
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Mo - the evils of colic

Postby whispers18 » Wed Oct 28, 2009 6:19 pm

You could say i was just young and 'too attatched' but there used to be a horse at my stables called Mo and im sure many horse riders have that feeling when everything just 'clicks' well as soon as i rode Mo and started to know him better everything was perfect. i honestly trusted him with my life. i believed in him so much and he did anything and everything i asked of him. he's the sweetest natured horse ive met so far. a real gentleman. he was only 9 years old and had so much potential. his canter was the best ive ever riden and i was told(sadly never experienced) he had an amazing jump aswell.
everyone knew he had health problems but i dont think anyone especially me was ready for the shock of hearing him having to put to sleep due to colic. i cried for a whole day and nearly gave up riding. i felt like i'd lost a best friend and in truth i had. for the short year i knew him i became so confident and everything i now do with horses is down to him being there for me through all the rough patches.

i will NEVER forget him and i just really wish i could of known him longer.

RIP Mo - a true bestfriend. sadly missed and never forgotten. always in my heart. x

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