Wonderful Riding weekend.

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Wonderful Riding weekend.

Postby BubblyB » Thu Sep 24, 2009 1:59 pm

I have just come back from a wonderful unique horse riding experience and wish to share my experience with everyone before it is too late.

“As you drive of the main road onto a sweeping driveway, a wonderful majestic Grade II listed Manor house meets you, sat just behind a little lake.

I have arrived a Knowle Manor Riding Centre for a mad riding weekend with a couple of very good chums. We are greeted by the fourth generation proprietor Ruth Lamacraft.

I am shown into a huge room at the front of the house with a double and single beds, and a large en-suite bathroom. My view through the leaded windows is of the grounds and lake and is very pretty.

All is very clean and comfortable, and after packing we take a stroll round the grounds and say hello to a three week foal and mother in a nearby field. Dinner we are told is at 6.30pm so grabbing the obligatory G&T from the honesty bar (you help yourself and then write what you have had by your room no) we head off in search of sustenance.

After a very tasty and nourishing three course meal, we relax in squishy sofas in the bar. There are eleven of us this evening. Two couples have been down here all week on a walking holiday with their dogs and are due to leave tomorrow. Another couple are here for the riding weekend and two other ladies are also down for the riding weekend as are we.

The next day after a sustaining cooked breakfast it’s off to the stables to meet the horses. Then we groom and tack up and at 10am we are all mounted and ready for the off. Graham who is our escort leads us for the next two hours or so through some truly wonderful countryside. Graham sets a gentle pace for the first ride as we are all trying to familiarise ourselves with our respective mounts. But we are so busy taking in the scenery that on one minds.

Then it’s back to the Manor for hot pasties for lunch. After lunch it’s the same routine, but this time another route and as we are all getting a bit more confident a few canters are thrown in to spice it up a bit. After another two hours in the saddle and covering approximately 28 miles in one day, we are all a bit saddle sore and weary. After getting back to the stables at about 5pm we just have time to turn the horses out in the fields and freshen up a bit for dinner at 6.30pm. After another three course meal we again retire to the bar, for a few drinks and to recap and reflect on our wonderful day. There is also a TV lounge to relax in but we mainly stayed in the bar, it was very nice and cosy and relaxing.

Waking up to another beautiful sunny day, exceptionally warm for September, it’s the same routine again for breakfast and out again to the stables. Our last ride is the best yet! We are now all very familiar with the horses and are riding with much more confidence, so with Graham making sure that everyone is happy to do so we up the pace. Lots more trotting and lots of fantastic canters!

Knowle Manor Riding Centre is a idyllic place for horse riders as they have a really good selection of reliable, dependable and still spritely without being too forward going horses. It’s also a great place for a base for walkers, fishermen and for sightseeing.

I have only just started riding again in April after totally losing my nerve a few years ago, however this weekend has taken me out of my comfort zone totally, but transformed me into a much more confident rider. I was not the only one who experienced this, we all had insecurities of different natures and we all faced our different fears and we all managed to conquer our different fears and left the weekend feeling refreshed, more confident and invigorated.

For a wonderful experience that we shall never forget, a morning ride, and an afternoon ride on the Saturday and a morning ride on the Sunday plus full board and lodging we paid only £265.00 per person! Great value for money.

The reason I am writing this, is that we might have been the last group to experience this wonderful experience, as due to lack of business Knowle Manor Riding Centre might be closing. This would be such a shame, as I know there are a lot of riding and trekking centres about, but none of them gives you quite the same experience as Knowle Manor does. It is wonderfully unique!”

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Re: Wonderful Riding weekend.

Postby confusedrider » Wed Oct 28, 2009 9:53 pm

Waw It's seems great to me. As I am a newbie to the horse world and I have no experience at all as a rider I will email them to check whether the riding weekend is available for people like me!!

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