Danny, the horse who taught me to ride

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Danny, the horse who taught me to ride

Postby tinkandlily » Wed May 26, 2010 8:26 am

Danny was a 16.2 chestnut thoroughbred who i bought from a friend, i was stabled on her yard and when i seen him i fell in love, he was in a very poor state but very sweet. I got him back on track and he was a fun ride, i had ponies up to this point and he was forgiving if i made a mistake, he taught me to jump properly (the pony i was riding popped over fences) and that was the biggest shock, he jumped at double the hight. The last time i rode him we were cantering along the river banks when he put his head down( i think he'd been bitten by a midge)and i can off a pulled his bridle off, he took off for home, people who seen him riderless called the police and by the time i got back the helicopter was out. After i checked danny over i went back and let the police know i was fine ( i got a ride back in a police car) Sadly danny had bad arthiritis and this episode made it worse and he keept going down hill to the point he couldn't get out of his stable and was very deprest, he also dropped a lot of weight, at this point i knew i had to let him go, when the time came i held on to him while the vet put him down by injection and stayed with him untill the van came to take him away, he was my best friend who i miss every day, my horse in a million. I have a big piece of his tail which i will make into a braclet, then he will always be with me.

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