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Postby jimama » Tue May 25, 2010 8:55 am

I took my horse out to a dressage competition at the weekend in our bid to get back out competing. A couple of weeks ago, we did quite well in a big class, coming fifth, but goodness only knows where we came on Saturday. This is because my big lovable baby of an 18-year-old ex-showjumper whinnied his way down the centre line in response to another horse calling to him. Then he put in two huge bucks as we went across X, then proceeded to canter down the centre line towards the judge's hut - great for an advanced class, but not required at Novice they told me! Still, I had to laugh - shows there's still life in the old boy yet! And then to top it all, a top rider asked my friend who was calling my test for me if he was a youngster!

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Postby Lucinda » Wed May 26, 2010 9:06 am

Ah that's a great story, thanks for sharing! Your boy sounds as though he's really enjoying it! You can't really criticise him for that, can you?

I remember taking my previous mare out and doing that from time to time, or she'd pretend she didn't know what medium trot was and set off across the diagonal in canter.

The highs and lows of dressage. That's what makes it so much fun!

Better luck next time.

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