Hoof wear and tear

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Hoof wear and tear

Postby cloudybay » Fri May 21, 2010 2:11 pm


My horses are stabled at a yard which is on sand, plus the surfaces they work on are a very abrasive sand too. Consequently they are both kicking their toes out behind and their hooves seem to be crumbling all the time. Can you reccommend the right products and routine to deal with this? I already use a lot of Naf products and am a big fan. Thanks

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Re: Hoof wear and tear

Postby Expert_NAF_Nutrition » Thu Jun 10, 2010 8:35 am


Thank you for your enquiry, and particularly as summer finaly arrives I think there are plenty of us who can sympathise with the frustration of hoof issues. Hoof health is very dependent on the environemental issues, so if we have long dry periods, or work regularly on sand, the hooves will certainly become dry and brittle. Equally stabling on shavings can be quite drying and have the same effect. If the hoof growth is basically good, and the problem is coming from the sand, then the right type of quality application is probably your best approach. I would recommend daily application of NAF Hoof Moist, which as a water based moisturiser will put back the flexibility and, therefore, strength into the hoof.

If there is splitting and cracking going on (often particularly around the bottom of the hoof), I would also recommend using NAF Rock Hard, a naturally based hoof hardener. The Rock Hard can be applied daily initially, and then is usually only needed once or twice a week. I recommend applying the Hoof Moist, allowing it to soak in (5-10 mins) and then applying the Rock Hard over the top - this seals in the moisture, while still allowing the hoof to breathe.

If you do find the problem is made worse by poor hoof growth, then I would recommend supplementing his diet with NAF Profeet. Profeet contains market leading levels of biotin working in combination with key nutrients and natural antioxidants for optimuum hoof health. Your farrier will be able to advise on whether your horse has a fundamental hoof growth issue, or whether it's simply a consequence of the environment your horses are in.

Remember for anything with hooves, particularly if supplementing, then your patience is a virtue! You do need to commit to feeding for a good couple of months before an improvement will really be noted. The improved hoof growth will obviously grow down from the top, and may take up to 12 months to get right down, but you and your farrier should be able to chart it's progress down the hoof!

I hope this has answered your question. Any further questions or queries please do contact us again, and remember, we always love to see "before and after" pictures!

Kind regards,


Kate Jones, Snr Nutritionist. NAF

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