Absolute beginner

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Absolute beginner

Postby katieb » Tue Jul 06, 2010 8:44 pm

Hi there,
Although I have been around animals all my life, I am relatively new to horses.
I am looking after, and in the process of adopting, a neglected, thin, young male horse whose destination was the meat factory before I came along. Apparently the only thing that saved him was his mistrust of people and that no-one could 'round him up' or get near him.
The horse and I have really bonded. Over the past few weeks I've gained his trust enough so he will let me near him and even greet and nuzzel me.
I have taken advice re feeding him and am very slowly building up his condition.
So far, the two main areas I am tackling are: A, getting him to trust humans again and B, getting some good food into him.
I know I have a very long way to go with this and am comitted to it. Of course I know I will need to get in the vet etc, and am building his trust of people enough so he lets a vet near him.
So, please, from an expert, what are the most important first few steps that you think I should take with this horse?
Thank you in advance.

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Re: Absolute beginner

Postby Expert_JohnJones » Sun Jul 18, 2010 2:04 pm

Hi Katieb,
Firstly apologies for not replying sooner and thank you for writing to me. It is so nice to hear rescue stories like this one where horses in such bad ways end up with caring and dedicated owners. You are doing the right thing working on creating trust with him and getting him used to people.
Glad to hear you have taken advice re feeding him (there are some nutritional experts on these forums too) be careful of giving him too much sugar/energy in his feed, as too much sugar/energy will heighten his emotions making him more reactive.
A worming programme is also a good idea, talk to your vet about the best wormers to use so not to upset his system.
As for training your next step is to work on getting him handleable as you say by introducing him to haltering and leading. I suggest you get help from a reputable trainer if you look on the Intelligent Horsemanship website you will see a list of Recommended Associates and you can find one in your area to help you. www.intelligenthorsemanship.co.uk It is really important to keep building your horses confidence in people as he has probably had a traumatic past. So it is vital you get a understanding horse trainer that you trust (really listen to your instincts), who can work with you and your horse in a safe environment and give you a way to progress with him. I teach on Kelly Marks Intelligent Horsemanship Handling the Untouched Horse Courses in Whitney (information on the same website) these courses teach gentle and stress free ways of introducing untouched/nervous horses to their first halter. You are welcome to phone me on 01981 510 269 to talk in more detail about your horse and ways to progress together as with more information I can give you more specific advice.
I look forward to hearing from you and reading your progress together on here.
Best Wishes

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